What Is The Fastest Way To Clean Plastic Blinds?

Is cleaning the blinds your least favorite chore around the house?

We have all been in a spot where we avoid cleaning the blinds regularly and end up with layers of dirt.

But interestingly, there’s a quick and easy way to clean your plastic blinds in just 15 minutes. All you need is a DIY attitude and a couple of supplies.

However, you can also opt for professional services that use ultrasonic blind cleaner to get sparkling clean blinds.

It is an affordable and eco-friendly option that is great for people with busy schedules, young children, or respiratory allergies.

Clean Dry and Avoid Water

A common mistake while cleaning the plastic blinds is starting with water. It creates a muddy mess and shifts dirt in corners that are hard to reach.

Thus, it is recommended to start the cleaning process with dusting. It helps in getting most of the scum and isn’t as nasty.

However, you might want to make an exception and start with water treatment for blinds that are heavily soiled.

Use a Microfiber or a Vacuum Cleaner

A microfiber cloth is a universal tool for dusting the plastic blinds at every home. However, you can also use a simple sock or any cotton cloth to get perfectly clean blinds.

Another great alternative in the list of DIY options is to use a vacuum cleaner with a small duster attachment.

You can also opt for cleaning services that use ultrasonic blind cleaner for spotless blinds in no time.

Follow a Zig-Zag Pattern

It is usually suggested to clean the plastic blinds from top to bottom to allow the dust to fall downward.

While it works perfectly fine, another way to clean the blinds faster is to follow a zig-zag pattern. This sets the rhythm right and allows you to get all the dirt without spilling it around the room.

Try Water Treatment for Deep Cleaning

Water treatment is the perfect solution for deep cleaning your plastic blinds.

Since cleaning them in place might not be very efficient, it is recommended to take them down and place them in a tub.

Soak them in a combination of dish soap, white vinegar, and water solution for an hour. Follow it with rinsing and air drying for clean and fresh blinds.

You can also consider professional help from services that use ultrasonic blind cleaner for efficient cleaning. It is a convenient, door-step alternative to prevent you from the vicious cycle of procrastination and guilt.

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