How Often Should You Clean Your Home Window Blinds?

Blinds add style and class to your home. Having said that, it is inevitable that blinds eventually start gathering dust. Sometimes, you only realize you need to clean your blinds when there is a thick layer of dust accumulated on them. To ensure your blinds are clean you need to understand the importance of getting them cleaned on time.

How Often Should You Clean Your Blinds?

There is no fixed timeline with regards to when you should clean your blinds. This is because different people live in different areas and based on the surrounding area and weather conditions, you’ll have to increase or decrease the frequency of cleaning your blinds. To get your blinds evaluated, you should contact the best window blind cleaning Los Angeles has to offer.

If you live close to the street then there is going to be a lot of dust that will settle on your blinds as compared to somebody who lives further away from the streets. Other factors also include whether you have pets at home or whether your blinds are close to your kitchen because this results in gunk settling on the blinds.

Simple Cleaning

You don’t always have to opt-in for professional blinds cleaners to maintain clean blinds. You can always wipe the blinds with a soft cloth to keep them clean. This ensures your blinds say cleaner for longer. Even when you do opt-in for a professional blinds cleaning service, it makes their job easier when your blinds are maintained well.

Always remember, depending on the material of your blinds, you can choose the kind of cloth to wipe it. If your blinds are made of wood or bamboo then wiping them with a wet cloth is not a good idea because the wood may begin to rot. If your blinds are made of metal or cloth, you can wipe them with a wet paper towel or a microfiber cloth. Always remember to air out your blinds if you wipe them with a wet cloth so that they dry up completely.

Even though you may maintain your blinds, it always important to call in the best window blind cleaning Los Angeles has to offer. This should be done once every six months to ensure your blinds look as new as when you first got them fitted. Good professional cleaning services also ensure that they get rid of the tiniest dust particles that could cause allergies.

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