Explore The Different Types of Window Repair Services

Window repair services offer much more than just replacing a pane of glass in a cracked window. So what other types of window repair services are there? Which one might you need for your window?

Come and follow along as we take you on a guided tour of the most simple to most unique window repairs.

Broken pane

The simplest and most common window repair is where the glass breaks usually because it is hit with something and the glass pane simply needs to be removed and replaced with a new piece of glass.

Moisture issues

This is a common issue in areas with high humidity and varying temperatures where moisture builds up and starts to warp your window as the rise and fall of temperatures expand and contract your glass. This can tear the seals and allow water to build up on the inside of the glass.

Stuck windows

If your window has not been used for a long time, you may find that the window just won’t open like it used to. Sometimes a hefty shove will do it, but other times, the window is so far gone that it needs a professional to loosen it without causing any breakages.

Rot repair

Rot is the destroyer of window frames. If you manage to catch it in time then this can be repaired. However, if it is allowed to run its course, you will end up having to dig out the entire framework and every wooden item that connects to it.

Window draft

If your home walls are not straight or the window is not properly aligned, you may find yourself struggling with a drafty window that does not keep out the outdoor air. This has a few solutions but needs a window professional to examine it.

Double glazing fail

Double glazing keeps the cold and hot air separate so that you can keep the desired temperature within your home fairly consistent. This is largely due to a vacuum on the inside of the glass. However, when this pressured seal fails, the resistant effects can also disappear.

Consider related repairs

Window-related repairs can include a whole variety of things. Everything from curtain repair to the esteemed ultrasonic blind cleaning that everyone is now using. Find the right fit for what you need but also consider going a step further and getting some additional work done around your windows to keep them looking clean, and to make sure that they last a long time.

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