Best Way To Clean Dusty Blinds

Most Americans have blinds in their homes. They provide privacy and regulate the amount of light in the room. But blinds get dusty and dirty. What is the best way to clean them?

Ultrasonic blind cleaning!

Our company uses a special ultrasonic blind cleaning process featur9ing high-frequency sound waves. This technology produces millions of small bubbles that implode when they meet mater. These tiny implosions create ultrasonic vibrations that make your blinds squeaky clean. And it is done effectively, affordably, and safely.

Our sonic blind cleaning process can be paired with warm water and our proprietary cleaning solution. When that is done, our cleaning service wipes away years of dirt, grime, bacteria, dust and allergens.

A great thing about our ultrasonic blind cleaning is it can be used with most window treatments, such as mini-blinds, micro mini-blinds, veriticals, roman shades, and more.

It is important to clean your blinds regularly because you invested a lot of money in those window treatments. Cleaning them once or twice per year makes good sense economically and aesthetically. It saves you money to clean your window blinds than to buy new ones every few years. Plus, who wants to take down old blinds and put up new ones?

When you are thinking about calling an ultrasonic blind cleaning company, be sure that the company is experienced. Your blinds should be cleaned at your home without being removed. Also, the company needs to be insured and certified.

We also recommend you verify the firm’s testimonials and references. You want to be sure they have an excellent record of cleaning blinds with ultrasonics.

Why Choose Us?

Our company can come to your home with our state of the art, ultrasonic cleaning technology. We carefully remove your blinds, clean them in our specialized vehicle, and rehang them for you.

Our team uses warm water and a safe, nontoxic soap. The powerful, ultrasonic sound waves will clean every part of your blinds. We also use a final rinse with a sheeting agent that makes your blinds dry without a single water spot. Also, it removes any static electricity from the blinds and reduces any chance of dust build up in the future.

If your blinds need repair, we can handle that when we clean them.

We are pleased to clean every type and brand of blind, so please give us a call today. We look forward to earning your business!

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