Does Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning Work?
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You want to get clean blinds again. They may be quite dirty due to their not being cleaned in a long time… if ever. Vacuuming and wiping them down with soap and water (only a damp rag if they are wood) are not getting the results that you want.

So what is the next step? People might suggest ultrasonic blind cleaning. You wonder if that is the best option though… does it work?

What Is The Process?

The person running the cleaner will put the blinds in a machine that is full of water. The machine then creates soundwaves that produce a lot of bubbles… in the millions. These bubbles, along with soap, can scrub the dirt and grime off your blinds.

How Long Does It Take?

This is one of the best benefits – it’s all very fast. The cleaning process can take seconds to get done… those bubbles work quickly. Your time is very valuable and you will get a lot of it back with this.

Once the blinds are clean, they get rinsed off with water and then it is just a short wait for them to be fully dry and ready to be re-hung in your home. This is quite the value for you.

What Kind of Blinds Can You Have Cleaned?

You have a lot of options here. The process can clean faux wood, the majority of honeycomb blinds, shadings, and mini blinds. It is a very safe process.

What Will It Not Work On?

You would be better off getting new blinds if they are vinyl or extremely old blinds. The reason for the second one is that they can damage the adhesive that keeps the blinds together, Newer blinds are safe, though.

Other Benefits

When you are having ultrasonic blind cleaning done, you are being environmentally-conscious.  The machine that is used produces no greenhouse gases, which is good for the Earth. This is another great reason to have this done for your blinds.

Ultimately, this is something that can also put money back in your pocket. Even buying inexpensive blinds each year can add up, and this allows you to have them cleaned and looking like new each time. You can use them for many other things.

With ultrasonic blind cleaning, you are getting convenience and money back, along with knowing that you are being ecologically sound. That is quite the trifecta. You can look at your clean blinds with pride.