How Can I Clean My Blinds Without Taking Them Down?
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Your blinds got dirty… very noticeably so. Now you want to clean them, but you don’t want to go through the hassle of removing them. This is not the impossible task that you might think.

While you might need  mobile blind cleaning for really dirty blinds, here are a few ways that you can accomplish the task:

Vacuums Work On More Than Floors

Take your vacuum cleaner and put a brush attachment on the hose. Close the blinds on one end and clean that side. Then open the blinds to the other side and repeat the process.

Doing this gets rid of a majority of the dirt and dust that has built up on the blinds. It’s not going to get everything, but it can make the next steps much easier.

Put a Sock on It

Take a sock, put it on your hand and then pour a mix of vinegar and water into a bowl. Dip the sock in the mix and then wipe it on the blinds. Keep doing this until clean.

You can do both sides of the blinds and not even have to take the sock off to rinse it off. You can use a dryer sheet afterwards to get any dust off the now-dry blinds.

Regular Dish Soap Works, Too

This is something that you can do to alternate with the vinegar mix. One week you can use that and the other week you can use this. It will change up the smells.

Take a bowl or a bucket and fill it with water and then pour the soap in. You can use the sock or a light rag and clean the blinds like in the above method. Dust it afterward.

Consider a Duster

There are many types of dusters on the market – feather and other materials. This is a great way to get the dust off the blinds. Just be ready to vacuum anything that falls to the ground.

The duster might be best for wood/faux wood, and aluminum blinds, since they are the most sturdy and would not be as prone to losing their shape as plastic ones.

Cleaning the blinds can be a chore, and trying to remove them quite the headache. That’s usually a two-person job and it can cause some squabbles. Use the above methods to get clean blinds without taking them down and enjoy the view afterward.