How Often Should You Clean Your Home Blinds?
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You look around your home or apartment and it seems like the number of blinds can be overwhelming. Take a deep breath… you don’t have to go crazy and clean them every day. But how often should you do it?

When it comes to blind cleaning, it is easy to keep to a schedule to ensure that they keep their ‘as new’ look for as long as possible.

Keep A Monthly Schedule

By doing this, you will prevent any dirt and dust buildup from getting too bad. Cleaning these will be much easier and less time-consuming than if you wait for a longer period of time. You can also help prevent allergies from getting bad by keeping the dirt and dust off one spot where it can really cause problems.

If you wait longer than this, then you risk the blinds getting much dirtier… and your will to clean them can drop. Then they get REALLY dirty and dusty and it can take longer to get them back to where they were.

What To Do

If you are really diligent about keeping a monthly schedule, then the only thing that you will likely have to do is dust them. Just grab a dusting cloth and thoroughly clean both sides of the blinds. You might even put a brush attachment on a vacuum cleaner hose and let that do the work – including on the window sill.

Let’s say that you were not… as diligent in your care of the blinds. After you vacuum, fill up a bowl with water and put dish soap in it and then wipe the blinds with a damp rag or even a sock that you put on your hand. Do this until everything is clean.

Other Thoughts

You need to clean according to the type of blinds you have. If you have plastic, aluminum, or faux wood blinds, use soapy water or a mix of water and vinegar. This will not work with wood blinds, since they can warp from water – you can use a damp rag for cleaning these, just not have it be excessively wet. 

If you stick with this schedule, you should have blinds that look great for years beyond their warranty. It’s something that takes a short amount of time and can get you fantastic results. Be sure to add this to your home cleaning repertoire.