Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning Benefits
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There are a lot of benefits to having mini blinds on your windows. They are a very convenient and easy-to-use way to regulate the amount of light coming into your home and they look very nice as well. The problem is that getting them properly clean can be a major hassle and is often something that is overlooked during regular chores.

Ultrasonic blind cleaning is a method of cleaning blinds that uses high-frequency sound waves to penetrate all the moving parts and get into all the potential nooks and crannies where dust, dirt, and grime may be hiding.

The Technology

When you choose to have your blinds cleaned using ultrasonic technology, they are immersed in water beforehand. The cleaners will direct high-frequency sound waves into the water, which creates millions of tiny bubbles. These bubbles burst all around the blinds, creating what is effectively a high-powered jacuzzi that will vibrate all the dust and dirt off of your blinds in a quick and efficient manner.

Types of Blinds

Ultrasonic blind cleaning offers a lot of versatility in what it is able to clean. Window coverings they can clean include:

  • Mini blinds
  • Vertical blinds
  • Wood Blinds
  • Honeycomb shades
  • Roller shades
  • Pleated shades
  • Silhouettes

The Cleaning Process

Ultrasonic blind cleaning is a simple 3-step process.

  • Blinds are soaked in a solution of warm water and soap.
  • Ultrasonic sound waves are applied to the water which clean all around slats, cords and into the headrail.
  • Blinds are rinsed with a solution that prevents static and dust build-up before drying.


There are several benefits to ultrasonic blind cleaning over traditional cleaning that you may do at home. While it’s obvious that the level of cleaning will be superior, some benefits are less obvious.

  • Health Benefits. A thorough ultrasonic blind cleaning cuts down on dust and allergens in your home that will be disturbed any time you open and close your blinds.
  • Environmental Benefits. No chemical cleaners mean no pollution to harm you, your family and pets, or the environment at large.
  • Time Saving Benefits. Thoroughly cleaning your blinds at home can be laborious and time-consuming. Ultrasonic blind cleaning takes seconds. From start to finish, it will only be a few minutes.
  • Cost Benefit. Ultrasonic blind cleaning is affordable but also saves money long term. Many people are willing to throw away old blinds when they get too dirty and buy new ones. While this may not be a great expense short term, over the long term those blinds add up.