How Often Should You Clean Your Home Window Blinds?
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Blinds add style and class to your home. Having said that, it is inevitable that blinds eventually start gathering dust. Sometimes, you only realize you need to clean your blinds when there is a thick layer of dust accumulated on them. To ensure your blinds are clean you need to understand the importance of getting them cleaned on time.

How Often Should You Clean Your Blinds?

There is no fixed timeline with regards to when you should clean your blinds. This is because different people live in different areas and based on the surrounding area and weather conditions, you’ll have to increase or decrease the frequency of cleaning your blinds. To get your blinds evaluated, you should contact the best window blind cleaning Los Angeles has to offer.

If you live close to the street then there is going to be a lot of dust that will settle on your blinds as compared to somebody who lives further away from the streets. Other factors also include whether you have pets at home or whether your blinds are close to your kitchen because this results in gunk settling on the blinds.

Simple Cleaning

You don’t always have to opt-in for professional blinds cleaners to maintain clean blinds. You can always wipe the blinds with a soft cloth to keep them clean. This ensures your blinds say cleaner for longer. Even when you do opt-in for a professional blinds cleaning service, it makes their job easier when your blinds are maintained well.

Always remember, depending on the material of your blinds, you can choose the kind of cloth to wipe it. If your blinds are made of wood or bamboo then wiping them with a wet cloth is not a good idea because the wood may begin to rot. If your blinds are made of metal or cloth, you can wipe them with a wet paper towel or a microfiber cloth. Always remember to air out your blinds if you wipe them with a wet cloth so that they dry up completely.

Even though you may maintain your blinds, it always important to call in the best window blind cleaning Los Angeles has to offer. This should be done once every six months to ensure your blinds look as new as when you first got them fitted. Good professional cleaning services also ensure that they get rid of the tiniest dust particles that could cause allergies.

What Is Mobile Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning?
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Over time, window coverings accumulate a lot of dirt, dust, debris, mold, and other allergens. Not only do they look dirty, but they can also cause serious health issues, especially if you or someone in your household suffers from asthma or other respiratory conditions.

Both business owners and homeowners have been using a relatively new technology called mobile ultrasonic blind cleaning. It’s a convenient way to freshen up your blinds and make them look good as new in a matter of minutes.

How Ultrasonic Cleaning Works

Ultrasonic cleaning makes use of high-frequency sound waves to completely remove dirt, dust, grease, germs, molds, allergens, and other unwanted contaminants from the surface of your blinds. During the cleaning process, tiny bubbles are produced in a process called cavitation. The bubbles implode when they come in contact with water, creating vibrations that gently scrape away dirt, leaving you with clean blinds.

What is Mobile Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning

Mobile ultrasonic blind cleaning is the convenient way to clean your blinds. A team of professional technicians will remove your blinds and take them outside to their mobile cleaning unit. The blinds are soaked inside a tank with a water-based solution and ultrasound. Sound waves are produced, which wash away all of the dirt in your blinds — even in the tightest areas like the ladder and headrail. The blinds are then rinsed with a sheeting agent to make them dry faster to avoid water spots. Once dry, the technicians will hang the blinds back on your windows.

Benefits of Mobile Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning

It cleans hard-to-reach areas

Cleaning blinds can be frustrating especially when you’re trying to clean every inch of its surface. Mobile ultrasonic blind cleaning cleans the hard-to-reach areas, like ladders, brackets, headrail, and slats. It saves a lot of time and energy.

It’s convenient

The best thing about mobile ultrasonic blind cleaning is that they bring the cleaning to you. The truck will be parked right outside your door, and the technicians will take care of everything swiftly. The entire ultrasonic blind cleaning process can be completed in less than six minutes.

It’s cost-efficient

Rather than throwing away blinds just because they’re dirty, why not clean them instead? Blinds can cost around $4 to $5, and if you replace them five times a year, that’s around $25 per window.

The Bottom Line

Curtains and blinds are some of the greatest dust collectors in your home. To prevent major health issues, it’s best to clean your blinds regularly to avoid the build-up of grime, dirt, and dust.

How Does Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning Work?
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Window blinds regulate light, offer privacy, and enhance the look of a room, but they’re also one of the most challenging household items to clean. Blinds have several moving parts that are dust collectors that no one wants to clean. Fortunately, ultrasonic blind cleaning exists to do the cleaning for you.

Ultrasonic blind cleaning is a safe and effective alternative to blind-cleaning that uses high-frequency sound waves. The waves produce tiny bubbles that implode when they come in contact with water, creating vibrations to thoroughly blast away dirt, dust, allergens, grease, and much more. The vibrations are so tiny, preventing damage to your blinds.

Benefits of Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning

Ultrasonic blind cleaning is the safest and most effective way to clean your blinds. Here’s why:

It keeps you healthy

If someone in your household suffers from allergies, asthma, or other respiratory problems, dusty blinds can worsen their condition. Ultrasonic blind cleaning removes everything that builds up on your blinds, from dust to grime, improving overall indoor air quality.

It cleans thoroughly

Say goodbye to soaking your blinds and using tiny brushes to get into the tiny crevices of your blinds. Ultrasonic cleaning can thoroughly get rid of dirt and dust between the slats, cords, tapes, ladders, and more.

It saves time

The entire cleaning process takes around three to six minutes. Your blinds are soaked in a water-based solution to reduce surface tension and start cavitation, or the production of bubbles. It’s more efficient than cleaning your blinds by hand.

It works on all kinds of blinds

Whatever type of blinds you have, it can clean. Ultrasonic blind cleaning uses gentle yet powerful technology to clean your blinds without damaging them. It can clean blinds such as:

  • Venetian Blinds
  • Vertical Blinds
  • Roller Blinds
  • Pleated Blinds
  • Silhouette Blinds

It lets you save money

It’s more cost-effective to clean your blinds than to throw them away just because they’ve accumulated a lot of dust. Ultrasonic blind cleaning preserves your blinds so that you don’t have to replace them multiple times a year.

It’s better for the environment

Ultrasonic cleaning does not use greenhouse gases, solvents, and other harmful chemicals. This means that it leaves no harmful effects on the environment. Since you’re going to be cleaning your blinds several times a year, it’s ideal to commit to an eco-friendly solution.


Ultrasonic blind cleaning is relatively new, but there are already lots of cleaning companies that offer this advanced cleaning technology. It’s the best way to keep your environment as dust-free as possible while preserving your blinds.

Best Way To Clean Dusty Blinds
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Most Americans have blinds in their homes. They provide privacy and regulate the amount of light in the room. But blinds get dusty and dirty. What is the best way to clean them?

Ultrasonic blind cleaning!

Our company uses a special ultrasonic blind cleaning process featur9ing high-frequency sound waves. This technology produces millions of small bubbles that implode when they meet mater. These tiny implosions create ultrasonic vibrations that make your blinds squeaky clean. And it is done effectively, affordably, and safely.

Our sonic blind cleaning process can be paired with warm water and our proprietary cleaning solution. When that is done, our cleaning service wipes away years of dirt, grime, bacteria, dust and allergens.

A great thing about our ultrasonic blind cleaning is it can be used with most window treatments, such as mini-blinds, micro mini-blinds, veriticals, roman shades, and more.

It is important to clean your blinds regularly because you invested a lot of money in those window treatments. Cleaning them once or twice per year makes good sense economically and aesthetically. It saves you money to clean your window blinds than to buy new ones every few years. Plus, who wants to take down old blinds and put up new ones?

When you are thinking about calling an ultrasonic blind cleaning company, be sure that the company is experienced. Your blinds should be cleaned at your home without being removed. Also, the company needs to be insured and certified.

We also recommend you verify the firm’s testimonials and references. You want to be sure they have an excellent record of cleaning blinds with ultrasonics.

Why Choose Us?

Our company can come to your home with our state of the art, ultrasonic cleaning technology. We carefully remove your blinds, clean them in our specialized vehicle, and rehang them for you.

Our team uses warm water and a safe, nontoxic soap. The powerful, ultrasonic sound waves will clean every part of your blinds. We also use a final rinse with a sheeting agent that makes your blinds dry without a single water spot. Also, it removes any static electricity from the blinds and reduces any chance of dust build up in the future.

If your blinds need repair, we can handle that when we clean them.

We are pleased to clean every type and brand of blind, so please give us a call today. We look forward to earning your business!

How Should I Clean My Blinds?
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Most of us clean our windows often, but how many clean their blinds? Your blinds need plenty of tender loving care, too. Whether blinds are fabric, wood, aluminum, or vinyl, they keep a room cool and prevent people from seeing us, but they can get dirty over time. 

There are times when you may need professional cleaning of your blinds. But if you are on a budget at the moment, there are some simple cleaning tricks you can do: 

First, you need to collect your cleaning products, which usually consist of: 

  • Vacuum equipped with a soft brush tool
  • Several microfiber clothes
  • Dish soap
  • Water
  • Baking soda

Second, you need to close your blinds. Wood blinds should be completely closed, but aluminum blinds usually overlap so should not be entirely closed. 

Third, dust your blinds with a microfiber cloth. You should begin from the top and go down. Use a downward wiping motion or your blinds could get unhooked. 

Also, use your vacuum cleaner with the brush attachment to suck up dust. If you have horizontal blinds, you use the same process. The difference is you just clean from one side to the other. 

Fourth, flip your blinds to the other side and repeat the cleaning process with a vacuum or microfiber cloth. 

Fifth, use a wet cloth if your blinds are really dirty. A microfiber cloth with warm water is effective to get the grit off. 

Sixth, if you have blinds in the kitchen where they get really greasy or dusty, they might need a deeper clean. Remove the blinds from the window and put them in the tub with warm water. Use dish soap and baking soda in the water and allow them to soak for an hour. Rinse with water. 

Finish the process by wiping off any remaining dust or dirt. 

Last, if you just used a damp cloth on your blinds, open each of them and allow them to dry. Vacuum any dust that fell off while you performed your dusting. 

If you follow the above guidelines, you can do a solid job cleaning your blinds. However, if you do not want to spend the time on this work, you always can hire an ultrasound blind cleaning service to do the job. 

This is an advanced cleaning process that can be performed quickly and affordably. If you are ready to just toss your old blinds in the trash, you can give them new life with ultrasound blind cleaning. 


What Is Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning?
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Ultrasonic blind cleaning is a special type of cleaning process that uses high frequency sound waves. Bubbles created during the cleaning process implode when they touch water. The tiny vibrations that occur during this process is what makes the blinds clean. When this process is combined with a good cleaning solution, dust, dirt, grime, bacteria, nicotine, and more is removed easily.

If you are interested in ultrasonic blind cleaning, below is more about the subject.

#1 Keeps You and Loved Ones Healthier

If you have someone in your home with allergies, asthma, or other respiratory problems, these issues can be made worse with dirty blinds. This cleaning process has been proven to improve home air quality.

#2 Works on Most Types of Blinds

There are many types of blinds on the market. Many wonder if this cleaning process will work on their shades. Fortunately, this type of cleaning is effective on verticals, silhouettes, honeycomb, Roman, and other types of blinds and shades.

#3 It Is Inexpensive in the Long Run

Many homeowners simply throw away their shades or blinds when they get dirty. While tossing blinds and shades may not seem like that much money, it can add up. If you throw away a dozen blinds, you are talking real cash. This effective blind cleaning service allows blinds to last much longer, which saves you money in the long run.

#4 Good for the Environment

We all want to do our part to preserve the planet. This type of cleaning for blinds uses environmentally friendly aqueous solutions. This means there are no solvents and no greenhouse gases are produced. These solutions usually can be recycled, too.

#5 Fast

When the blinds are cleaned, the cavitation process is fast and takes only seconds. After it is removed from the solution, it is rinsed with water. It is one of the fastest ways to clean anything in your home.

Now that you understand the benefits of ultrasonic blind cleaning, you should look for a company with many years of experience to do the job for you. Also, you should hire a firm that can clean your blinds onsite. No one wants to have their window treatments removed and have people see into their home. Also, check the credentials of the company and see if they have good relationships with vendors and previous customers.

Getting your blinds cleaned in this way is a great way to live a healthier and happier life, so we recommend you try it today.

How Do You Clean Ultrasonic Blinds?
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Window blinds are literally everywhere. From homes to hospitals, office buildings, military bases, universities, restaurants, and practically any structure with windows.

The reason is plain simple:

Not only does it add aesthetic appeal to your window, but it also an inexpensive solution to cover up your window and have privacy.

The problem is that window blinds tend to get dirty— really dirty! Overtime, dust, and dirt build-up, degrade and end up damaging the blinds. This is a costly problem when the blind needs replacement. In addition, not only will it look dirty and ugly, it can become a breeding ground for allergens and bacteria.

But the problem doesn’t end there. If you decide to finally clean your blinds, you might end up in worlds of frustration. Cleaning window blinds are known to be one of the most dreaded house chores.

The Disadvantages Of Cleaning Window Blinds By Hand

Most people will try to clean and wash their window blinds by hand. They will hose them down, scrub them in the bathtub or even use some chemicals or gadgets advertised on TV just to clean those dreaded blinds. The problem is that the results are always the same:

  • Cleaning blinds by hand is laborious, back-breaking and time-consuming work. It may take you the whole day if you have several window blinds to clean.
  • It is quite difficult to get perfectly cleaned blinds. You will surely miss a spot, especially hard to reach areas, no matter how meticulous you are.
  • Blinds tend to get static electricity caused by manual cleaning. And this static electricity attracts more dirt and dust, making the blind become dirtier in just a short period of time.
  • Blinds are delicate. They tend to break easily even if you are too careful.

And while most people have no choice than manually cleaning their window blinds, utilizing an advanced ultrasonic cleaning system is far more efficient and faster.

What is an Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning Machine?

An ultrasonic cling cleaning system is a machine that uses ultrasonic technology to clean window blinds or any items more efficiently. It uses the popping energy of air pockets in a cleaning solution and water in long narrow tanks. This popping action gently, but thoroughly removes dirt and other particles from the surface of the submerged blinds.

How do you clean window blinds with an ultrasonic machine?

  1. Dusting

First off you will need to remove all large particles and debris first. Remove those spider webs and large dust and dirt particles using a rag of a duster.

  • Cleaning

After removing the larger particles, you can place the window blinds in the ultrasonic cleaning machine. Add water and the cleaning solution. Make sure to submerge the blinds into the water. Set up the machine and wait for the whole cleaning process to be complete.

  • Drying

Once finished, you can start draining the water inside. Let it sit for at least half an hour to remove excess water. Then hang the window blinds in a clothesline or place it on top of a table while flipping it over every now and then until dry.